Company Profile

Name of the company: Koufuku International Limited, a DHI Company

An ISO 22000-2005 certified company


Koufuku International Limited is a joint venture company established in 2013 and started manufacturing processed dairy products in 2014. Initially it was started as an FDI company with SNBL as the majority share holding company. The company share holding changed in 2017 with DHI becoming the majority share holder of the company. Today KIL is 80% owned by DHI and 20% owned by SNBL and Sanyo Uno, Japan. It was established as a dairy processing company to add value to the farmers’ milk produced in rural Tashigang and adjoining areas.

Today the company works with 12 milk cooperatives in Tashigang and many individual dairy milk farms in the Dzongkhag delivering about 1500 liters of milk a day to KIL’s plant at Chenary. The company is working with more than 200 households who are either part of the cooperatives or individual farms supplying milk to the company. The company plans to expand the number of farmers’ groups and individuals supplying milk to the company to more than 600 households when it starts collecting milk from other nearby Dzongkhags.

The company has an intake plant capacity of 4000 liters of milk a day.


The region’s leading dairy company in pursuit of our customers’ desire for innovative, healthful foods sustainably produced in support of the enhancement of rural livelihoods in Bhutan.


We are a dairy company that creates products which enhance the lives of our customers and stakeholders. We are committed to serve them with the highest level of quality, service and innovation.

Core Values


We endeavor to create a positive, lasting social impact by engaging the communities we operate in as part of our value chain so that we mutually flourish.


As change is the only constant in life, we will not be satisfied with the status quo. We value the constant, passionate pursuit of creative solutions to improve the way we do things.


We value our employees and other stakeholders as partners of our business and delight in seeing them succeed. We are committed to a long-term relationship guided by respect and compassion, and governed by fairness and accountability.